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Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Set 1-12

The diary of a wimp is a perfect set for any little kid! With features including a children's story, a movie diary, and an escape room, this set is the perfect way to teach good behavior while also providing entertainment.

Best Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Set 1-12

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Cheap Diary Of A Wimpy Kid Book Set 1-12

This diary of a wimpy kid book is complete of all the books in jeff kinney's complete series. It's written in a journal form, with each writing experience as it happens. You'll learn how to walk in the world, get lost in the rain, and of course, end up being the wimp that you always thought you were. this diary of a wimp is set in the 12 diaries that are all connected in to one book. It starts with a wimpilicious backstory and goes on to describe the first 12 diaries (14-24) in detail. Starting with the simple things, such as eating and sleeping, these diaries get more and more complex as the readers get closer to the end of the story. In the last diaries (25-36), the reader is taken to different places and events, such as the birth of a child, the end of the world, and the first death. The softcover book is full oficiary blemishes andginx small threats that will make you want to read the books in order, but also provide a some value for the price of one. this diary of a wimpy kid is complete set 1-12. It is perfect for a beginning reader or for teaching about physical and emotional healing. The diary is filled with jeff kinney's unique and unforgettable writing style. in this unique diary, jeff kinney describes his adventure in college, high school, and now, his first year in the united states. He tells the story of wimpy kid that is all about pen and paper, smoking, and basic joe the condorcaro.