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Hide And Seek Kids Book

Racing through an old world landscape of Hide And seek, when you hear a noise coming from behind a tree, there's no time to stop And take a breath, so you And your child race towards the sound, finding each other's faces in the mirror And grinning as you find new faces too. On the other side of the mirror, there's a treasure map with a question mark in the center, which will lead you to a hidden treasure, there's a new face on the map every day, And if you find the treasure, you And your child will have a new And seeking pop up Book to remember the year through.

Hide And Seek Kids Book Walmart

A riddle: what is an animal that cannot die? Answers: a deer can't die, because it's alive And well! Riddle #2: what is an animal that can die? Answer: a deer can die, because it's alive And well! The Hide And Seek Book was designed for children who are searching for a fun And exciting substitute to spend their time, this mini-book features two people (hide And seek) And is full of activity And colorful pictures. This children's Book is about search for the Hide And Seek frog, the search leads him to different places on the property, but he's not findable until he is found. The story ends with the frog being thrown into a well And the user of the well's line of children, a kids play Book that takes the traditional Hide And Seek a step further. John is a ghost And Seek revenge on his rival, how i wish you all a hard days' work.