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This bundle is perfect for the kids who come visit daycare at your home! Each book is a mix of different colors and levels of difficulty, perfect for a young child or toddler. And they are all written by very experienced parents. As a result, you're sure to have fun with these books. this bundle includes: 1. The garden at home 2. Best friends playtime 3. Playtime for ablephans 4. Playtime for babies 5. Playtime for toddlers 6. Playspace for kids 7. Playtime for children 8. Playtime for families 9. Playtime for kids this set of 12 children's books is perfect forked children can read and phonics learning too. Pete the cat is back and he's looking for new cases to go home with his friends and family. Check out these issues - including a snowed over pete the cat, a bear, a chicken and a fish - to see what all is up with pete the cat. The wholesale kids books lot of 12kids books, including books for children aged four to eight, all from the wholesale kids books. These books are perfect for kids who love to read, as they come with Phonics I can read books early readers lot 12 questions for children to Answer with their own little stories and stories with their friends. This kids book is about the berenstain bears and their journey to learn to read. They come up with a plan and learn how to read by themselves. They get to know everyone on their journey and learn how to read together. This book is a great way to learn about the american flag and the process of reading.